Introducing our team:

Scott Taylor | President

The value of a compass is determined by the integrity and accuracy of its internal working parts. The team Scott leads consists of researchers, managers and recruiters that have the experience, skills and ability to deliver our clients a true course of service and direction. Scott’s previous experience of production and logistics with Kraft Foods uniquely blended with nearly 20 years in the market research industry gives him insight to our clients real world challenges and solutions. 

Steven Wyatt | Vice President

As VP, Steven leads the Client Service Team, maintaining and enhancing relationships and guiding company growth. With over 18 years’ experience, Steven has served in or managed every aspect of the industry and brings an extensive skillset across numerous methodologies and the latest technology advances.

Edie Gayton | Research Services Director

Edie’s fifteen years of marketing research experience lends a broad-based expertise of project management. Edie is client and hospitality focused fostering CMR’s gold standard of service. Her mastery of project design and execution results in your project that is on strategy, on time and on budget. Her skills span demographic mapping, quota tracking, ethnographic, qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Edie’s hands on management style keeps her involved and on top of the details that comprise a successful project.

Shawn Heyward | Research Services Manager

Shawn’s research background spans call center management, data processing, client services and recruiting management. She manages the day-to-day recruiting activities including staff training and scheduling, and project briefing. Shawn’s focus is on quality recruiting with the highest level of integrity and efficiency. Your project will be under Shawn’s careful recruiting and quota management to ensure a great show rate and highly targeted participants.

Phyllis Reed | Admin/Accounting Manager

With over twenty years of experience in accounting, payroll services, office administration and human recourses, Phyllis has the ability to play many roles with various responsibilities. These experiences and skills provide our Compass team with behind the scenes details and tasks which ultimately leads to successful execution of each project.

Jermell Weaver | Test Kitchen Manager

Highly experienced in restaurant and commercial kitchen operations. Jermell oversees the culinary team and overall kitchen operations at the Culinary Research Center.

Kari Ranney | Client Services Coordinator

Originally from Minnesota but calls the south her home! Kari stays very active in the community and always sees a familiar friendly face wherever she goes. There is always something new happening here in Atlanta and she likes to stay on top of it. While visiting Compass, look to her for any and all things local, from great restaurants to a fun night out. Kari is here to make sure you have great food, warm hospitality and a smile of your face!

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