Tonya Robinson

Director of Project Management

Tonya’s superior expertise spans both operations and team leadership, honed as she previously presided in management positions for two predominant data collection firms, and as she owned and operated her own for 14 years. This solid background along with her innate sense for detail bring tangible value to every project conducted at CMR. Tonya is involved in every project to ensure that the overall experience exceeds expectations.

Jermell Weaver

Test Kitchen Manager

Highly experienced in restaurant and commercial kitchen operations, Jermell oversees the culinary team and overall kitchen operations at the Culinary Research Center. ServeSafe certified, Jermell brings quality assurance with attention to timing, prep details and overall kitchen throughput. He assures all test products are served on spec.

Shawn Heyward

Research Manager

Shawn’s research background spans call center management, data processing, client services and recruiting management. Shawn’s focus is on quality recruiting with the highest level of integrity and efficiency. Your project will be under Shawn’s careful recruiting and quota management to ensure a great show rate and highly targeted participants.

Phyllis Reed


Accounting Manager

With over twenty years of experience in accounting, payroll services, office administration and human recourses, Phyllis has the ability to play many roles with various responsibilities. These experiences and skills provide our Compass team with behind the scenes details and tasks which ultimately leads to successful execution of each project.

Toski Adams

Associate Project Manager

In her role as Associate Project Manager, Toski manages overall project logistics, setup, quota management ensuring that quality and accuracy of data collection. Her attention to detail and excellent communication skill ensure client are always up-to-date on their projects. During project execution, she leads onsite logistics.

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