When you need statistically valid data collection, Compass Marketing Research has the experience and facilities. A variety of study room configurations are available to host your large scale CLT.

Focus Groups
Qualitative research experts are on hand to support your focus group projects from beginning to end.

Taste Tests 
Compass Marketing Research has a breadth and depth of experience with designing and executing food and beverage studies. To support our expertise, we have variety of study platforms available depending on your needs.

We have professional interviewers on staff for your in-depth interview project needs.  Additionally, we can support your research needs outside of the facility with services such as intercepts, ethnography’s, shop-a-longs & dine-a-longs!

If the information you need is on location – we’re there! Our team of well-trained and experienced field interviewers is standing by and looking forward to speaking with your target audience to help you gain true insights. We also conduct store audits to support your need to understand by observing consumers’ behaviors and providing you with useful insights. We shop along with your target consumer and find out the “why” behind their purchase choices, what compels them and what turns them off.

Getting into the personal space and into the minds and hearts of your consumers can provide rich and useful qualitative information. Our trained ethnographers have the special observation and interview skills needed in this methodology.

Shop-a-longs & Dine-a-longs
In-field observations and interviews can be very valuable. Our team knows how to get at the “why” and “how” behind your target consumers selection and purchase decisions.

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